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  • 대학원생과 학부연구생을 모집합니다. (연구분야: 차세대 배터리, 친환경 에너지기술, 이산화탄소 저감 기술, 나노소재 개발)

The Electrochemical Energy Materials Laboratory in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Sookmyung Women’s University will seek to develop revolutionary energy storage systems with high energy density and efficiency, consisting of eco-friendly earth-abundant materials that can be manufactured at low cost. The research vision are (i) to develop low-dimensional, hierarchical electrode materials via noble and versatile synthetic techniques including bottom-up and top-down methods, (ii) to apply those materials for next-generation energy storage/conversion systems, and (iii) to identify reaction mechanisms from a materials science and electrochemistry basis.

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